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Nothing in Between – Eureka!

The depth of connection
between two or more people and even between many individuals in groups
practizing by clandestine happenstead the culture of mesmerizing (hypnotizing)
and of being mesmerized (hypnotized) can be unspeakable sublime –
– in fact the perceptive feeling of “nothing in between” and “deeply connected”
can be lived, finally and at last:
You found “it” and find “it” again,
after a long search you have unearthed “The Golden Egg” – Eureka!
No matter whether psychologists may refer to “it”
as kind of ‘symbiotic relationship’ or phase of ‘regression into a stage of earliest life’s symbiosis’ or as Other –
– unity in brainwaves, oneness in unseen energy,
to entangle in the spirit and in the mingling of minds,
and in a thought connection by ‘silent inner speech’ and by ‘silent inner dialogue’
can’t be anything else than
– the Cosmic Way, the Royal Way –
the Ultimate Masterway, and is also the Infinite Remaining
when everything else is passing or has passed.
As long as the spirit (the mesmerizing human source/sources –
– hypnotizing person/persons) in a group of people is guided and guides
to ‘keep the rules’ collectives may live close to paradise.

Disillusionment occurs when you realize
that the harmonious ‘give and take’ can be catapulted out of balance
and can tilt into the terrible earthly hell of aggression, jealousy, envy, hostility,
hatred and antagonistic rivalry because of the ‘abuse of hypnotic power’
by crossing social boundaries, through transgressing personal limitations,
in violating Human Rights and violating Civil Rights that all cause defensive reactions
and aggressive opposition against unwanted or/and unethical hypnotic manipulations to:
• sex – during a hypnozied state of consciousness,
• involuntary sex – rape,
• unwanted and/or as unclean perceived sexual practices,
• sexual infidelity or/and adultery,
• obscene behavior,
• drink urine or/and to eat excrementa (feces),
• curse and to blaspheme ideal and as transcendent respected values,
• intervene criminally in the health condition of others by intentionally causing artificial infections with pathogens,
• unwanted involuntary administration or/and consumption of hallucinatory or/and other drugs,
• create actively or/and to experience passively hypnotic hallucinations causing anxiety (horror, panic) and despair,
• trigger imaginary sentencings and condemnations in mind states of limited ability to judge, and
• induce or/and to experience imaginative ‘inner life’ scenes of executions, that
– at any time – can turn into de facto murder as criminal assassinations in the ‘outer life’ doing.
• other as pathologic, unethic and unwanted understood actions.
That’s why all clergy has found the cassock, the long robe,
and has created strict hierarchies who will see, meet, touch whom (and who will not)
at meetings and has petered out, has killed, has murdered and even
assassinated ‘the spirit’ at events. – Eureka? ⁂!?

The dangerous option to risky regressions into pathologic mesmeric conditions
is caused by our human body-and-mind-heritage in the schematically function
and neuro-physical structure of our human Triune Brain’:
our physical bodily heritage are three brain parts – our
• deepest bottom ‘Reptilian Brain’ and our
• surrounding inner ruling ‘Mammalian Brain’ – both in consequent complex nexus with our
• evolutional highest peak ‘Human Brain’ as most intelligent primates on our planet Earth.

We have to be strong – we are the ones we have been waiting for. –

And do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.

We have to dissolve the pathologic sickening matrix to harm, hurt, injure, impair,
destroy, damage for the sake of ‘just doing so the satanistic way’
by unseen hidden Satanism ruling often
– not only the worst among us but through all societies also even the elites of us –
by criminal support.

In the 21st century mankind – humans, societies, groups of people, individuals,
you, and I – we need “the spirit” to thrive, to progress and to psychically find
something worth to unearth. –
Let us develop the level of educative information and ethics in mesmeric culture for everybody globally!

“We are the ones we have been waiting for!“– June Jordan (poem) and Sweet Honey
in the Rock (song) –

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person!” – Mother Teresa (quote)

jona(h) li, September 19th 2015

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